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AcuraStem has developed a break-through precision medicine platform incorporating patient stem cells and advanced machine learning technology. We have leveraged this platform to identify a novel ALS target and preclinical lead candidate which we are working to advance to the clinic.
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Aukera, Inc. is an early stage biotechnology company focused on the production of the vault nanoparticle, a hollow protein shell designed by Nature. Using proprietary technology, we rapidly manufacture highly pure vault nanoparticles for research and delivery of therapeutic molecules.


CDN discovery is an early phase biotechnology corporation focused on the autoimmune disease drug discovery market. CDN employs technology that can effectively mine novel lead compounds from compounds library. The lead compounds are agonists or antagonists in specific innate immune pathways. CDN is also focused on the development of potential biomarkers diagnostic methods and reagents in autoimmune disease.

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California Life Sciences Association (CLSA) is the state’s largest and most influential life sciences advocacy and business leadership organization. With offices in Sacramento, San Diego, South San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington DC, CLSA works closely with industry, government, academia and others to shape public policy, improve access to innovative technologies and grow California’s life sciences economy. CLSA serves biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics companies, research universities and institutes, investors and service providers throughout the Golden State. CLSA was founded in 2015 when the Bay Area Bioscience Association (BayBio) and the California Healthcare Institute (CHI) merged.

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Cell Care Therapeutics is developing novel cellular therapies and delivery systems to permit the cost efficient and long-term treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases.
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Immunowork, LLC
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Keiko Kanamori, PhD
Epilepsy is a chronic brain disorder that affects 60 million worldwide, but the cause of seizures in drug-resistant temporal-lobe epilepsy is not well understood. The aim is to clarify the mechanism by which excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate causes seizures, in an animal model that closely resembles human temporal lobe epilepsy. Relationship between seizures monitored by EEG and changes in the concentration and C-13 enrichment of extracellular glutamate will be analyzed (using samples that have already been collected) by high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry (GCMS) in the well-equipped facility at Lab Launch.
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NP Genomics
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Optical Wavefront Laboratories
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Pathways Logo 1_V1_finalPathways to Stem Cell Science is a non-profit institute and leading provider of real-world training in molecular cell biology, stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. We offer innovative programs for students of all ages to learn hands-on science with human stem cells. Our unique courses are designed and taught by professional stem cell scientists in state-of-the-art laboratories. We offer novel curriculum for isolating, differentiating and analyzing human stem cells that is not found in any other educational institution in the world. Through the combined use of classroom and laboratory based teaching, our students learn cutting edge techniques, perform independent research and gain real world experience in both specialized and broadly applicable skill sets. In addition to our team of published scientists, Pathways to Stem Cell Science provides experience in academic and entrepreneurial environments thorough a wide arrange of partnerships with R1 universities, hospitals, research institutes and industry labs. We are dedicated to addressing the growing need for well-trained scientists, doctors and technicians in addition to helping underserved communities and ethnic groups pursue scientific careers.

Founded in 1976, StatLab Medical Products is a leading developer and manufacturer of cost- effective histology, cytology and immunohistochemistry diagnostic supplies. StatLab offers 1,750 of the most commonly purchased diagnostic supplies used by independent and hospital-based anatomic pathology laboratories. Over 3,000 anatomic pathology laboratories across the United States rely on StatLab to satisfy their diagnostic supply requirements.
TCR Cure
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DryWired is a privately-held Los Angeles based firm that invests, customizes and distributes over 100 different advanced nano-coating technologies providing critical protection to electronics, textiles, infrastructure and transportation from water, oil, corrosion, heat and abrasion. We provide solutions to everyday problems using advanced nanotechnology based coatings.


 Korva Labs Inc. is a clinical and analytical laboratory that provides quick and high-quality test results, while offering industry leading customer service. We are proud of the work we do and we strive to constantly push science forward. We aim to be your laboratory of choice by giving all of our clients a first-class experience.

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Laboratory for Advanced Medicine Inc. develops leading edge non-invasive, non-toxic technologies focusing on early detection and intervention of cancer, especially in stage 0 and 1. LAM ® headquartered in the United States with offices in United States (Los Angeles and Indianapolis) and China (Beijing, shanghai, and Tianjin), is founded and managed by a group of accomplished business leader, scientists, and physicians.

L.A.M. is hiring! See description here: Senior Scientist – Orange County, CA – Laboratory for Advanced Medicine, Inc. Contact Justin Li to apply.

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Vali Nanomedical Corp. is a biotechnology company founded in 2013. We have developed a multidrug-delivery platform technology using proprietary nanoparticles that have a unique multilayered structure. This gives the important advantage that a single nanoparticle is able to transport multiple drugs to tumors simultaneously, unlocking previously impossible cancer combination therapies.